Your "username" is your actual email address on
this system, unless you have been informed otherwise.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017 (UTC):

Email Migration:

Unless you have been informed otherwise, all email accounts on this server have been migrated to server NC027. You can find information about this migration on our status website at

If you cannot log into your email account here, you can find the webmail on the new server at Your user name (in all lower-case letters) and password will be the same, unless you have been notified otherwise.


Email control panel
(Spam control, auto-responders, etc.)
Frequently-Asked Questions
Email program configuration
NinerNet Communications home page
NinerNet Communications system status
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Logging in: Your "username" is your actual email address on this system, unless you have been informed otherwise.

Password: Passwords are case-sensitive.

Version: This is IMP (Internet Messaging Program) version H3 (4.1).

Server: You are on server NC018.

Disk space: Messages in your "trash" continue to take up part of your alloted disk space quota. Please ensure that you empty your trash on a regular basis to avoid having your email account fill up, causing incoming email to be bounced back to the sender.

Access: There are multiple ways to access your email through the Web:

  • URL: Type into your browser's address bar. (Replace "" with the domain in your email address.)
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Benefits: Quick and easy to type; redirect to secure site; no SSL warnings from your browser.

  • URL: or
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Benefits: Your choice of secure or unencrypted access; no SSL warnings from your browser.

Not Recommended
  • URL: or
  • Username: Your full email address (preferred) or just the part to the left of the @ sign.
  • Benefits: On your own domain; don't need to use your whole email address to log in; no SSL warnings if you use the unencrypted ("http") address.
  • Drawbacks: While either address is perfectly legitimate (although the second is unencrypted), if you access the secure address ("https") the warnings presented by some browsers (namely Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7) border on frightening!

If you would like information on obtaining an SSL certificate on your own domain, please contact NinerNet.

IMAP: The web-based interface uses a protocol called IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol [, Wikipedia]) to access your messages and manipulate folders. You can use the same protocol with your locally-installed email client to access the same folders, including email sent from the web interface. See your email program's documentation for details.

Terms of Use:

Secondary Point of Access: This web-based interface is provided by NinerNet only for use as a secondary point of access to your email account. We strongly recommend that you use a locally-installed email client such as Eudora, Thunderbird or Outlook / Outlook Express.

Back Up: Whether or not you use the web-based interface as a primary means of accessing your email, you are solely responsible for making back-up copies of any information (email messages, addresses, etc.) stored by the web-based interface. These are your responsibilities, not those of NinerNet Communications.

Features and Support: Although this web-based application has numerous features beyond simply email, email is still the primary reason for this service. As such, included support covers only the primary email functions (sending and receiving email) and associated configuration, and functions such as address books and changing your password. Additional functions such as calendars, notes and the portal feature are unsupported beyond ensuring that they work and do not adversely affect the operation of the email. NinerNet makes no warranty or representation that features not directly related to email will continue to be available at any point in the future. Additionally, although the interface has been translated into multiple languages by the authors of the software, NinerNet provides support in English only.

Disk Space: If you do use the web-based interface as your primary means of accessing your email and therefore store your email on the server, you are cautioned to monitor your use of disk space. If you use up your allotment of disk space, incoming mail will be returned to the sender automatically with no notice to you. If you need to buy more disk space, please contact your system administrator (if there is one in your company or organisation) or use the control panel for your server, which you can access by going to where you would replace "" with your actual domain.

Terms of use last updated: Tuesday, 29 November 2005.

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